The Space Expedition
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Party Name The Space Expedition
Date January 9 - January 23, 2014

The Space Expedition is an upcoming party on 2014. Everyone can venture out to space and explore new kinds and stuff. Gary will be walking around Club Penguin and Outer Space.


1 week before the party, an observation was made by Gary stating that there was a phenomenon outer space. So, he told everyone that to prepare for adventure and expedition to space. During the party, a spaceship, as well as launching station for launch, was set at the Dock. In order to get to the spaceship, you have to enter the Launching Station and get all of the suits. Then, the door will open and you will be outside the Spaceship. You had to get the other items needed for the expedition. After that, you will enter the Spaceship. Then you have to go to planets and stars and everything. After that, you made an amazing discovery. The discovery found by players isn't the same but, all you have to do is give the discovery to Gary and you have to wait 1 day for it to be examined carefully. After a day, you will receive the following items: 1000 coins, a spaceship pin, an outer space background and Gary's 2nd background for that party. His 1st background is his background if you met him.


  • This will be the first party of 2014.