Technology Takeover
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Party Name Technology Takeover
Date August 21, 2016 - September 11, 2016

The Ultimate Protobot and Test Bots have deployed robots all over CP. They are trashing CP and only you can stop the technology terror! Gary, Rookie, The Director will be coming during the takeover to assist the island to defeat the robots and restore the safe environment on Club Penguin. Herbert will also be coming as a mascot - to help the robots.

Free Items Edit

Free items will be given out everyday during the event. Non-members can redeem one item daily, while members can redeem 1 more exclusive members-only item.

AUG 21 - Laser Taser - when you see a robot, wave or throw a snowball to zap the robots with a laser blast. {MEMBERS ONLY ITEM - Electricity Bombs - when you throw snowballs (at anyone - not just robots), you will throw bombs packed with blasts of electricity and they will explode, shocking and exploding everything in a 5x5 radius.}