Sea Party 2014
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Party Name Sea Party 2014
Date August 1st - August 15th 2014

  The Sea Party 2014 is a upcoming party that lasts from August 1st to 15th of August 2014.


The agents find out that half the island will melt. While they are trying to stop the island from melting, the other penguins decide to have a little party...


Different new areas have been added. Including

  • Tidal Wave (A giant wave that surrounds half of the island. The penguins can go there for Free Gift #3 and also surf there)
  • Deep Ocean (Members Only) Accesiable by the boat at the beach. It'll ask you if you want to 'Adventure into the unknown' If you are a non member, Klutzy will appear if you go near it. It also won't let you move towards it any more.

Free ItemsEdit

  • Shark Helmet
  • Diver Flippers
  • Clam Necklace


A diver swimming.

Member ItemsEdit

  • Fish Outfit
  • Shark Outfit
  • Squid Outfit
  • Evil Shark Outfit
  • Mermaid Fin
  • Merman Fin