Plants vs. Zombies Takeover
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Party Name Plants vs. Zombies Takeover
Date December 12, 2013 - January 5, 2014

The Plants vs. Zombies Takeover is the first takeover party in Club Penguin. It occured from 12 December, 2013 to 5 January, 2014. Club Penguin partnered with PopCap due to popular demand to create it.

Free itemsEdit

  • Peashooter costume (shoots peas when you dance)
  • Grave Buster costume (sinks into ground when you dance)
  • Sunflower costume (produces sun when you dance)

Member only itemsEdit

Each costume costed 300 coins, and wereig also sold in bundles (etc. Peashooter Costume, Repeater Costume, Gatling Pea Costume)

  • Cabbage-pult costume (lobs cabbage when you throw a snowball)
  • Kernel-pult costume (lobs butter at selected penguins when you throw a snowball)
  • Melon-pult costume (lobs melons at selected targets when you throw a snowball)
  • Iceberg Lettuce (freezes the next penguin that walks past you)
  • Repeater Costume (shoots two peas at a time when you dance)
  • Snow Pea Costume (slows down selected penguins)
  • Potato Mine Costume (explodes the next penguin that walks past you)
  • Chilli Bean Costume (makes the next penguin that walks past you fart)
  • Jalapeno Costume (explodes the lane you are in when you dance)
  • Coconut Cannon Costume (shoots explosive coconuts when you dance)
  • Lightning Reed Costume (zaps penguins in your range when you dance)
  • Bonk Choy Costume (rapidly punches anything behind or in front of you when you dance)
  • Chomper Costume (eats the penguin in front of you when you dance)
  • Wall-nut Costume, Tall-nut Costume (creates a fence in a straight line when you dance)
  • Torchwood Costume (turns any peas that are shot through become firepeas)
  • Twin Sunflower Costume (Sunflower must be already purchased, produces twice as much sun)
  • Bloomerang Costume (flings boomerangs when you dance)
  • Pea Pod Costume (shoots five peas in your lane when you dance)
  • Hypno-Shroom Costume (makes the next penguin that walks past you go in the other direction)
  • Snapdragon Costume (shoots fire in your range when you dance)
  • Winter Melon Costume (slows down penguins)
  • Power Lily Costume (produces one random plant costume every two days when you dance)
  • Threepeater Costume (shoots peas in 3 lanes when you dance)
  • Imitater Costume (imitates the plant in front or behind you when you dance)
  • Squash Costume (squashes the penguin behind or in front of you when you dance)
  • Spring Bean Costume (springs back penguins when you dance)
  • Spikeweed Costume (hurts penguins that step on you)
  • Spikerock Costume (must have Spikeweed purchased, hurts penguins that step on you twice as much as Spikeweed)
  • Cherry Bomb Costume (explodes penguins in your range)
  • Split Pea Costume (front facing peashooter shoots one pea, back facing peashooter shoots two when you dance)
  • Doom-shroom Costume (explodes all penguins in the room, requires Coffee Bean)
  • Coffee Bean Costume (wakes up nocturnal plants during the day, and powers up other plant types when you dance)
  • Ice-shroom Costume (immobilizes all penguins on screen for 12 seconds when you dance) 
  • Puff-shroom Costume (shoots small low-damaging puffs in your range when you dance)
  • Fume-shroom Costume (blows huge puffs in your range, breaks through screen doors when you dance)
  • Scaredy-shroom Costume (long ranged shooter, blows medium sized puffs when you dance, hides when a penguin gets close)
  • Gatling Pea Costume (must have Repeater already purchased, shoots twice as many peas when you dance)