Penguin Festival 2014
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Party Name Penguin Festival 2014
Date February 6, 2014 - February 20, 2014

Message from the creator of this partyEdit

The Penguin Festival 2014 is a festival, where,you can play "Penguin" games, tip the berg as cool as you can and the surprise is, all of the mascots are coming! I thought that PH and only Aunt Arctic are coming,but I decided to put all of the mascots in Club Penguin! And 2 more bonuses. One, all of the plays in Club Penguin are going to show! Each day,you can play once. Two, you can buy any puffle you like!

Free ItemsEdit

DJ3K - clubpenguin yellow puffle

DJ3K!Ready to show off your DJ skills?Play DJ3K in Penguin Festival 2013!

All of these free items can be collected by both non-members and members.

  • "Hooray For Penguins" Shirt

  • "Penguin: Our History"
  • "Penguin Creator 3000"


  • Gary is going to stay at his lab in the EPF Command Room to create the Penguin Creator 3000.
  • All the signs in Club Penguin are going to be "Penguin-ized." (Except the Puffle Catalog, Pet Shop, Puffle Hotel and Lighthouse to give respect to puffles and to don't make the Lighthouse so narrow).
  • You can only get the "Penguin: Our History" Background when you meet all of the mascots.
  • You can only get the "Penguin Creator 3000" when you meet Gary in the EPF Command Room.

Mascots and Their Respective RoomsEdit

  1. Gary the Gadget Guy can be found at the EPF Command Room.
  1. PH or Puffle Handler can be found at the Puffle Hotel.
  1. The Penguin Band can be found at the Lighthouse.
  1. Rookie and Dot could be found at the Clothes Shop.
  1. Rockhopper can be found at the Cove.
  1. Aunt Arctic can be found at the Book Room.
  1. Cadence can be found at the Dance Club.

Guest Stars and their Respective RoomsEdit

Rocky and CeCe- (From 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM PST, Clothes Shop. From 1:40 PM to 4:00 PM PST, Dance Club with Cadence)

Brady and Mckenzie-Cove

PNK,ROR,JOX and OK-School


Rockhopper, PH, Aunt Arctic, Gary, Cadence, Franky, G Billy, Stompin'Bob, Petey K and Rookie stamps are earned when you are in the same room with one of them


  1. The Extraordinary Golden Puffle Pin(Hard to find)
  1. The Extraordinary Golden Penguin Pin(Also hard to find)