Operation: Revenge
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Party Name Operation: Revenge
Date August 19th 2014 - September 1st 2014

Operation: Revenge is a mission after Operation: Jail Break. It starts from August 19th to September 1st.


On a nice morning on August 19th 2014, you log on and your Spy Phone on. You will receive a weird message saying "EPF, you don't stand a chance! I escaped again! You won't defeat me this time! backwards from ?????". Later, you see a broken Jail Cell with a Meltdown 3000. The bars were melted. Then when you walk outside, you see the island destroyed. A huge crater has stretched from The Beach to the Cove. And you see every building surrounding the island are destroyed. Then you see Jet Pack Guy and Dot outside. They said that he other agents got kidnapped by Herbert-Bot 3000. Then a laser from Herbert-Bot 3000 is striking. It is destroying everything in its path. Herbert and Klutzy is seen through the Herbert-Bot 3000's nose and eyes. The whole island is on fire from the laser. After you play the mini games below, Herbert-Bot 3000 strikes down. A big explosion blows up from the robot. Then the island flies 6000 miles away (close to Rockhopper Island). Then Herbert is seen trying to swim but drowns to the Underwater EPF Jail. Herbert shouts "YOU MAY HAVE DEFEATED ME, BUT YOU CAN'T STAND THE NEXT PLAN THAT I AM HAVING TO OCCUR!" He will return in unknown times.

Mini gamesEdit

1. Avoid the Lasers (The game is about after you meeting Herbert-Bot 3000 and lasers try to strike you. But you try to avoid the lasers.)

2. Operation Battle (The game is about defeating Herbert-Bot 3000 and Klutzy and Herbert. The controls are listed here.

X- Attack

Left Click on mouse- Choose weapon

Y- Super Power attack (when you get enough gears and blueprints, is rare)

U- Dodge

Left, Right, Up Down- Move around

Message Hacking (First mini game, the game starts after you get the weird message. You have to click on random bugs, The bugs are listed here.)

Green Bug- Safety Bug (Do not hit and protects your phone from Purple Bugs)

Purple Bug- Super Hacker (Rare but really hard to destroy)

Giant Herbert Sized Bug- Boss (Really hard to defeat, teleports around phone, enemies with Green Bug)


  • After the misson, the blog shows a picture of a shark fin, a flooded cove, and and laser. This proves that Herbert's statement was true, and it was all considered a name contest and the name Operation: Jaws won. The party takes place after Holiday Horrors (but in real CP, in January, the next party is taking place, but for Party Creator, the have the party Operation: Jaws.).