Story Edit

After Protobot's last defeat,penguins threw his parts in the garbage,they went missing on Feb.1,2015.

In the Future,Feb.10,5010,the future EPF agents were attacked by Protobot's flying robo army.

However,Protobot took matters into his own hands on Feb.21,5010,looking all silver,(yup,only SILVER).

This time,Protobot made clones of The Test Bots,and put them in his flying robo army.

And Protobot made clones of himself!

Herbert also went to the future and made robot clones of himself!

Mission Edit

Defeat Protobot and Herbert,save Club Penguin.

Procedure Edit

To go to the future you must ask Gary for a Time Portal.

Then you have to fight Protobot and Herbert's armies.

When you defeat Protobot you get a Protobot body item and a pin.