Earth Week 2015
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Party Name Earth Week 2015
Date April 19 - April 25, 2015

Earth Week 2015 is a 'one week party' in Club Penguin. It is a week of caring for the environment.


The penguins realised that the landfill was getting bigger by the day, so they planned one week of environment friendly activities, ranging from tree-planting to electricity shut downs to make sure Club Penguin does not get polluted.


Monday - Growing trees in the Wildlife Pond

Tuesday - Collecting plastic bags from the beach

Wednesday - All appliances in Club Penguin shut down and electronic devices lose connection.

Thursday - Water tankers shut down, no water for one day

Friday - Dustbins permanently replaced with recycle bins to encourage recycling

Saturday - Learn how to turn junk into awesome stuff (with regards to real life)

Sunday - Apple picking and closing ceremony, Forest expanded, holds more trees and has endangered species living there.


  • The Recycling Plant was reopened, however, it was made bigger and has posters telling you how to save the earth in real life.