Disney Takeover 2016
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Party Name Disney Takeover 2016
Date January 1st, 1500 - December 30th, 2020

The Disney Takeover is an upcoming party in Club Penguin.

Plot Edit

Beginning Edit

One day, Club Penguin was taken over by "Disney"

Ending Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of the longest parties in Club Penguin.
  • This Party is non-canon in the Club Penguin Timeline, so this party doesn't really happen.

Free Items Edit

Week 1Edit

Monday - Disney T-Shirt - Member, Disney Party Hat - Non-Member, Disney Shirt - Non-Member, Disney Cape - Member, Disney Life Jacket - Member, Disney Dipper Costume - Non-Member, Disney Sword - Member, Disney Alex's Wand - Non-Member, Disney Snorkel - Member, Disney Logo Pin - Non-Member
Tuesday - Disney Boots - Member, Disney Mickeymouse pin - Non-Member
Wednesday - Disneyland Boots - Member, Disney Background - Non-Member
Thursday - Disney Hoodie - Member, Disney Mask - Non-Member
Friday - Disney Doll - Member, Disney Scarf - Non-Member
Saturday - Disney Sneakers - Members, Disney Stuffed Bear - Non-Member
Sunday - The Disney Headband,- Non-Member, Disney Bill Cipher Costume- Member, Disney Bill's Bowtie- Member, Disney Bill's Tophat- Member, Blue Fire Producer- Non-Member, Disney Mabel Costume- Non-Member

Week 2Edit

Monday -
Tuesday -
Wednesday -
Thursday -
Friday - Minnie Mouse Pin - Non-Member
Saturday -
Sunday -

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