Hooray! You have joined the wiki, and want to make a party! Follow these steps to make your page perfect, and to avoid getting your page deleted!

STEP 1 - Add at least 3 lines of description about your party. This includes the dates of the party and mascots.

STEP 2 - Copy the code of the party infobox code from {} and paste it onto your page. Once pasted, fill in all the details.

STEP 3 - Add your next 'part'. Add a Trivia section, Free Items section, or Party Rooms section. Fill in any information you want here.

STEP 4 - Personalise your party! Add a party logo to your infobox. If you do not know how, or would like a better logo, contact Sugar, Ricky or Blast.

STEP 5 - Add anything else you can think of.  A pin for the party, an activity's all up to you!

STEP 6 - You're done! Click 'Save page' and there you have it! Your magnificent page is complete! Feel free to edit it anytime!