Clean and Green 2016
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Party Name Clean and Green 2016
Date April 21st, 2016 - April 28th, 2016

The Clean and Green 2016 is a party in Club Penguin. It occurs for one week, encouraging users to take care of the environment.


C&G2016 1V2 Pick up litter and clean the shores and waters.
C&G2016 2 Clean the pathways, the rooms and the walls.
C&G2016 3 Reduce the usage of electrical appliances.
C&G2016 4 Place more recycling bins around the island.
C&G2016 5 Reduce the usage of vehicles, use public transport to reduce pollution.
C&G2016 6 Shut down power stations that burn fuels to make electricity. Build more hydroelectric power stations, windmills and solar panels to generate electricity for the whole island. Water, wind and solar energy are renewable.
C&G2016 7 Plant more trees and plants around the island, re-do the activities done to ensure that the island is clean.


  • The island expanded and reports have shown that waters in the north of Club Penguin are slightly freezing, and the ozone layer is repairing. The temperature started to lower down to around -25 degrees Celsius. Every month, it snows. This is good news, as everything is going back to what it is supposed to be.
  • This party is a returning party - it first occurred as Earth Week 2015 with a slightly different plot, and it has been renamed for 2016.