Celebration of Shadow
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Party Name Celebration of Shadow
Date July 25, 2013 - August 8, 2013

Celebration of Shadow is a Card-Jitsu Party and the Celebration of Shadow, with it is a new game: Card-Jitsu Shadow.


A dark cloud was seen covering the skies of Club Penguin on July 11, 2013, 2 week before the Card-Jitsu Shadow Party. On July 18, Club Penguin was plunged in great darkness. It was dark. Light poles were added around Club Penguin. The light house was 2x brighter to support light. At the Dojo Courtyard, lanterns were added. If you look up, you could see one part of the sun. The sun shines at a certain point. If you follow where the light is traveling, you would see a dark figure. On July 25, the sun could be visible but it is still dark. The Dojo Courtyard and the Dojo was renovated, along with an entrance to the Shadow Dojo.

Free ItemsEdit

Head: Fire Headband, Water Headband, Snow Headband, Shadow Headband. Neck: Fire Amulet, Water Amulet, Snow Amulet, Shadow Amulet. Body: Fire, Water, Snow and Shadow Training Plates. Feet: Fire, Water, Snow and Shadow flip-tops.


  • This is the 2nd CJ Party to be held at 2013, making 2013 the year which has more than 1 CJ Parties.
  • A new amulet is given, having four slots. If you already have gems in your previous amulet, the gems will be re-shaped into a round shape.
  • During the party, all penguins turned into shadows.