Angry Birds Takeover is a party that has a partnership with Disney and Rovio for this party.


Trailer 1Edit

This trailer begins with the logo. After a red bird approaching appear. He collides with the camera and says the party starts on July 9.


At this party some rooms supporting Bad Piggies and other the Angry Birds.

Bad Piggies- Beach (Pigs Realm) , Dock (Pig Area), Mine Shack (Pigs Academy), Cove (Pigs Mini-Beach), Dojo (Pigs Karate Academy), Iceberg (Pigs 2nd HQ), Ice Rink (Pigs MINI-FUN Zone)

Angry Birds- Sky Hill (Busteds Center), Ski Village (Attack Principal Center), Town ( Angry's Central), Snow Forts (Attack Other Center), Plaza (Birds Central), Puffle Park (Birdy Special Park)


All daysEdit

For EveryoneEdit

  • Red Bird Disguise
  • Chuck Bird Disguise

For MembersEdit

  • Terence Disguise
  • Bomb Disguise



Monday-Members- Pigs Jacket/ Everyone- Angry Birds Swatshirt

Tuesday-Members- Pigs Hat / Everyone- Bad Piggies Sweatshirt - Birds Hat

Wednesday-Members- Bubbles Disguise Everyone- Piggie Disguise

Thursday-Members-Bird Shoes For Everyone- Slingshot

more soon